Located conveniently next to the Makan performance space in the heart of Cairo, Makan has a residence, the Hussein Hagazy flat, that can be used by visiting artists, musicians, scholars, exchange students, journalists or other guests of Makan.

The Hussein Hagazy residence is located on the street behind Makan at 8 Hussein Hagazy street. It also comes fully equipped with a washing machine, telephone, and internet. The residence is less than ten minutes from Tahrir Square and AUC’s old campus and perfect for those wanting to enjoy the center of city life in Cairo while working with Makan.

El Fayoum Residence
Those working with Makan are invited to stay in the Fayoum residence located in Tunis village. It is a fully furnished house with seven rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen and overlooks the beautiful Lake Qaroun. It provides the perfect space for those hoping to conduct field work.